The New York Times Joins Effort to Combat Trump’s Anti-Press Rhetoric

The call to arms came in the form of a memo.Marjorie Pritchard, the deputy managing editor of The Boston Globe, reached out to editorial boards at oth...

J.A. Happ Again Proves He’s More Than Just Insurance for the Yankees

When the Yankees acquired J. A. Happ late last month, he was largely viewed as an insurance policy — a veteran who may not have been pitching well but...

Rays Disrupt Baseball’s Tanking Industry by — Get This — Trying to Win

Some Rays pitchers do act as regular starters, like the All-Star Blake Snell and the veterans Chris Archer and Nathan Eovaldi, before they were traded...

Florida’s Gulf Coast Battles Deadly And Smelly Red Tide : NPR

At Coquina Beach, crews are out early using beach rakes to clear dead fish. The fish are dying because of a toxic algae bloom known as red tide. Greg...

South Korea’s #MeToo Movement Dealt Blow by Politician’s Acquittal

SEOUL, South Korea — A former political star and presidential hopeful was acquitted of sexual assault charges on Tuesday, dealing a blow to the #MeToo...

Radical Changes to Davis Cup Will Be Up for Vote This Week

The lack of clear player support makes the Davis Cup overhaul even more of a gamble, although Haggerty said existing sponsors are demanding change.“Th...


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U.S.-Turkey Tensions Could Stall Progress Against ISIS, Officials Say

WASHINGTON — American and European intelligence and counterterrorism officials said on Tuesday that the escalating...

It is believed that at least 30 abducted journalists are being held in Syria, and among them is American freelance...



An Angry Kremlin Faces New Rounds of U.S. Sanctions

Much to the Kremlin’s dismay, however, the Trump administration has developed into a kind of Pushmi-Pullyu of the diplomatic world, acting toward Russia something like the two-head...


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